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1 Dec. 6PM - Theatre m/06 

Cineteatro Louletano

Tickets: 8€


In this performance, four female clowns will take the audience on a journey through a narrative of dreams and the poetics that define the symbolism of the staircase. A staircase that leads to nowhere and at the same time offers the audience a limitless framework for dreaming and creating their own reality. Four women who comically, grotesquely and absurdly trace the migration narratives of their different realities and everything that has repercussions in this fragile and vulnerable context to which women have been subjected in recent decades.

The company A Nariguda holds performances, workshops and other activities devoted to the study of the language of the clown. It is also involved in ongoing artistic research, promoting workshops and laboratories on the art of clowning and physical theatre in conjunction with other structures. 

Performers: Eva Ribeiro, Miriam Freitas, Rafa Santos, Rozí Fêr

Direction: Ricardo Puccetti

Scenography: Hugo Rodrigues

Wardrobe: Graça Pires

Sound design: Álvaro Presumido

Co-production: Eva Ribeiro / Cia. A Nariguda / Lua Cheia teatro para todos / Daniel Salvi / Cautela Lopes

Artwork: Joana Brandao – Jupi

Sponsors: Iberescena, República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes e Fundação GDA

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