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3 Dec. 11AM - Theatre m/06 

Casa da Mákina

Tickets: 5€

— Everything is so well explained and yet I don't understand a thing.

— I can look at a square and never realise that behind it, in the shadows, there has always been a cube.


This cube, like art, wants to grow inside those who see it, unfolding into memories and feelings that it is unable to control. Even the tree drops its fruit without knowing if the seed will ever find fertile ground.

Dentro³ is a performance created for children. When we're asked to explain, we say it's about the artistic gesture, which is both translator and creator of unspeakable things.

outro is a multidisciplinary artistic creation and research structure conducted by Sílvio Vieira. Established in Lisbon, it emerged as a reading and reflection club in 2017, out of the need to turn thoughts into reality and share them on a platform close to the public through texts, illustrations, an etymological dictionary and a storehouse of materials by other authors, which gave birth to its first works: the website and the performance As árvores deixam morrer os ramos mais bonitos. Followed by Dentro³ (2019), ARENA (2021), EQUADOR (2023).

Creation, interpretation, scenography and light design: Ana Catarina Santos e Sílvio Vieira

Text: Sílvio Vieira

Sound design: Ana Catarina Santos

Photography: João Leão, Bruno Simão e Ivo Rodrigues

Production: outro

Acknowledgements: Fernando Leitão, Vanda Rodrigues

Uma encomenda CCB Fábrica das Artes, para o ciclo “A cabeça entre as mãos” (2019)

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