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National Premiere

3 Dec. 11h00 - Teather m/4 

Casa da Mákina

Tickets: 5€

Fab-u-lous! A high-energy physical comedy about a lonely old man and a homeless dog who become friends and enter the world of ballroom dancing. Get ready for comedy, slapstick, crazy characters, and enthusiastic dance routines!

Strictly Barking is a new show created by UK-based physical comedians Oliver Nilsson (SE) and Jonathan Tilley (UK). Drawing on their physical theatre training at the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School, Strictly Barking uses clowning, non-verbal visual storytelling, and participatory theatre to create an engaging performance for adults and children of all ages.

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Dos criadores de The Bakers (The Latebloomers)

"Wonderfully unique... boy do they nail it" 

★★★★★ FringeFeed.

Attenborough and his Animals (Clownfish Theatre)

"One hilarious moment after another"

★★★★★ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine.

The Baroque (Frank Theatre).

 "Nilsson's impeccable clowning talents make even the mundane hysterical"
★★★★★ Fringefeed.

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