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National Premiere

2 Dec. 19h00 - Teather m/6 

Casa da Mákina

Tickets: 5€

Step aside, Stallone! Sam Dugmore is locked and loaded as the greatest action hero of all time, unearthing his ruthless man skills to confront his worst nemesis... himself. A dead-sexy mission filled with chaos, 80s singing, dancing and workout montages, explosions, evil Russians, suppressed raw male emotion and a dog called Fluffy. Grab a seat as close to the action as possible, strap in, and be prepared for an incredible hour of mayhem and laughter!

MANBO is a collaboration between SA artist Sam Dugmore of award-winning company The Latebloomers (Scotland!, The Bakers) and UK artist Jess Clough-MacRae of award-winning company Clownfish Theatre (Attenborough and his Animals). They met at the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Their work draws on their training in physical theatre, clown, and mime. They use comedy to examine the challenging issues we face today.

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"A masterclass on (...) the power of pure silliness.”

★★★★★ The Advertiser

Magnificent mastery of physical comedy.”

★★★★★ GLAM Adelaide

"I can’t remember laughing so hard from beginning to end.”

★★★★★ The Barefoot Review

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