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4 Dec. 17h00 - Jazz m/6 

Auditorium Solar da Música Nova

Tickets: 5€

Roadbook is the debut album by bassist and composer Marco Martins (co-founder of Mákina de Cena), released in 2016 by Parallel Records, whilst living in Paris. This project has toured in several clubs, festivals and auditoriums in France, Spain and Portugal, and now most of the original collective is reuniting – Pierre Bernier on the saxophone, Florent Souchet on guitar and Simon Bernier on drums, plus Leon Baldesberger on the trumpet, in a revisit of the album that marks Martins as creator of soundscapes,  always in connection with the jazz universe.

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“Marco, o bom emigrante do Jazz (…).


Complexity of themes and arrangements and a good alliance of tones are the main characteristics of a seductive work, that makes you want to follow it and discover more.”

Jacques Aboucaya, JAZZ MAGAZINE.

ROADBOOK, the 1st album from this bass player, is a sensational musical project.


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