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30 Nov. 9PM - Music & Poetry m/12 

Cineteatro Louletano

TIckets: 8€

After coming into contact with the work of Salvador Santos, a writer who has lived in the Algarve since the age of 4, a desire arose to explore his poetry and transform it from written to spoken word, resulting in an ambitious project that combines themes such as the passage of time and the agony of the rural world with compositions by Marco Martins, with strong influences from the jazz world, moulded and adapted to his poetry. The result will be a dense, multi-layered performance that lives up to the verses that gave birth to it.

The Drama & Bass project dates back to 2012, when Carolina Santos and Marco Martins met at the University of Évora's School of Arts. The paths of the actress and the musician came together and this duo was born, combining voice and bass as performing instruments in service of a text or poem.

Selvagem, from the work of Salvador Santos
Voice: Carolina Santos

Trumpet: Leon Baldesberger

Cello: Mikhail Shumov

Violin: Romeu Madeira

Bass / Compositon: Marco Martins

Piano: João Paulo Esteves da Silva

Drums: Alexandre Frazão

Special appearence: Zeca Medeiros & Coro do Conservatório de Música de Loulé
Video & Photography: João Catarino

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