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2 Dec. 9PM - Jazz m/06 

Auditório do Solar da Música Nova

Tickets: 5€

The double bass player Nelson Cascais pays tribute to one of the most important North American musicians of the 20th century, an unavoidable figure in jazz, an unrivalled double bass player and brilliant composer, Charles Mingus. His extensive repertoire, created over almost six decades, is strongly rooted in blues and gospel, in the jazz of Ellington, Bird and Monk, influenced by the music of Schoenberg and Stravinsky, often a weapon of protest in political and racial causes, simultaneously traditional, avant-garde, tender and aggressive, it reflected Mingus' own troubled personality.

Double bass: Nelson Cascais

Trumpet: Diogo Duque

Saxophone: Ricardo Toscano

Piano: Victor Zamora

Drums: Nemanja Delic

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